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Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Detailed Blueprints Show the Layout of Batuu

The Orange Country Register just released some detailed blueprints for Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland, which show the entire layout of the new planet Batuu, and all of the attractions, shops and restaurants that are found within the land.  Most of the info we have known for a while, but there was some very interesting new stuff we got from these new blueprints!  Just for the record up to this point we believe both the Disneyland and Hollywood Studios versions of Galaxy’s Edge are going to be exact copies of each other, so what is revealed in these blueprints for Disneyland should also be the case on the East Coast.

Here are the Galaxy’s Edge Blueprints:

What did we learn from the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Blueprints?

We already knew the massive size of Galaxy’s Edge (14 acres) and that it’s going to be the biggest land ever in Disneyland Park.  And we also found out today that the official name of Galaxy’s Edge is Batuu.  Now we know the exact layout of Galaxy’s Edge.  In Disneyland there is going to be an entrance on the west and east sides of Galaxy’s Edge, each side being controlled by a different Star Wars faction.

  1. The west side of Galaxy’s Edge will be occupied by the Resistance, while the east side will be a First Order enclave.  On the Resistance side when guests come in they will see a forest and a the looks of a Resistance base.  While the First Order side will have performance stage, which will probably be used for some sort of performance much like the “Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far, Away” which is performed daily at Hollywood Studios
  2. The middle of Galaxy’s Edge is the trading port’s hub with a merchant area and marketplace and is occupied by restaurants and shops.  There are 2 restaurants in Batuu: an unnamed Quick Service Restaurant and a Cantina, which will be something like the one on Mos Eisley from the films.  The Cantina will feature a U-shaped bar, booths, and tables and a stage will feature audio-animatronic performs, perhaps the Rex droid as the DJ as Disney officials previously announced.  Can you imagine if they had live musical performers there too!!  We don’t know abut the Table Service Restaurant, not even a name yet, but it’s supposedly bigger than the Blue Bayou.
  3. First Order Battle Escape is code named “Alcatraz” in the documents.  from the name “Alcatraz” my guess is that in the story you are being held prisoner on the star destroyer and have to breakout, kinda like A New Hope.  It is absolutely gigantic to see on the plans.  The ride vehicle which we got a look at at the 2017 D23 Expo holds 8 people and is powered by an astromech droid.  The attraction will use a heavy dose of projection screens, probably similar to the ones on the Na’vi River Journey or Mission: BREAKOUT!, and they will show a massive space battle aboard a Star Destroyer.  Props will also come into play as we know there is a full sized AT-AT somewhere in that building which will show up.  Also expect to encounter Kylo Ren in the attraction at some point and 18 scenes throughout.
  4. We also learned a lot more about the Millennium Falcon ride from the blueprints.  The Millennium Falcon itself is HUGE at more than 100ft across.  There will be a pre-show room inside before boarding the Falcon.  It appears that guests are going to board 6 at a time in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon, which are situated in simulation chambers, with 7 cockpits per chamber.  With 4 chambers that means about 168 passengers per ride time.  Also guests who complete the mission will gain galactic credits which can be used in Galaxy’s Edge, or if they damage this ship it could bring a negative impact, like bounty hunters looking for you.
  5. We’ve heard for sometime that Droids are going to play a big role in Galaxy’s Edge, with many of them free-roaming around Batuu interacting with guests, and the blueprints still indicate this to be true.  To prepare for this J4KE or Jake Droid has been being tested the past year at Disneyland.  There will even be Droid charging stations located throughout the land and a droid mechanic shop.  Not to mention build you own droids at the Droid Depot!
  6. Included in Galaxy’s Edge of course will be lots of merchandise, and one store that stands out was labeled “Saber.”  Could this be a store which will sell actual lightsabers???  The blueprints indicate it will be a six-story high building with rocky spires, and a huge interior merchandise space the size of half a football field!
  7. Lastly we also noticed the “land speeder garage” on the map.  It should have props of various parked space crafts.  Who knows if it will actually have a big function in Galaxy’s Edge but it sure sounds cool to go check out some speeders!!

That’s a whole lot of info about Galaxy’s Edge and we are eating up all the details.  Of course like any plan, the blueprints are not set in stone.  These could be modified at any time, but it sounds amazing so far!!  We just have to wait till 2019 opens and it all becomes reality!

Your Thoughts:

I want to know what you think about the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Detailed Blueprints.  What do you think of the layout?  Let us know in the comments section below!

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Batuu the Official Name for Star Wars Galaxy's Edge
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